Passport Services

The U.S. Embassy in Praia offers all American Citizen Services including passports, Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBAs), Consular Reports of Death Abroad (CRDAs), and notarial services. To request an appointment, please use the Embassy’s on-line appointment system.  If correct and complete documents are presented at the appointment, it will take approximately 3-4 weeks from the date of the appointment to receive a U.S. passport.   The Consular Section will usually return passports and CRBAs on Mondays at 11am.  You can review the requirements and fees for passports below, and for CRBAsCRDAs, and notarials elsewhere on our website.

We strongly encourage you to begin the process of obtaining a new passport several months in advance of travel.

To request an appointment, please use the Embassy’s on-line appointment system.

All visitors to the Embassy are subject to airport-type screening. All items are subject to inspection and your wait time depends on the items you and other visitors bring. We do not have storage facilities.

The following items are not permitted:

  • Cell phones
  • Food
  • Liquids
  • Electronic devices
  • Large bags
  • Tools
  • Weapons

Visitors are allowed one small purse, backpack, or briefcase, and items to care for small children.

When planning your visit here, bring only what is needed for your business with the consular section to speed security screening. Embassy staff do not have the means to store items for you.

We appreciate your cooperation in making your visit as smooth as possible.

The fee for first-time issuance of an adult passport (over 16 years of age) is US $165.  The fee for renewal of an adult passport is US $130.  The fee for first-time issuance or renewal of a minor’s passport (16 and under) is US $135.  The equivalent amounts may be paid in Cape Verdean Escudos.  Payment must be made at the time of application and must be made in cash or credit cards — personal or traveler’s checks are not accepted.

Each passport applicant must submit the following documents (please see below for additional documentation needed regarding issuance of passports to minors when both parents are not present):

  • Form DS-11 (for first-time applicants or renewals of minors’ passports), or Form DS-82 (for most adult passport renewals); Forms can be downloaded from
  • Two photographs, 2×2 inches square, non-Polaroid, with a matte finish showing a full view of the applicant’s face with a light-colored background;
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship (previous passport and U.S. birth certificate or consular report of birth abroad);
  • Photos of the child’s growth
  • Proof of payment of passport fee; and
  • Any additional documents requested by the consular officer.

Lost or stolen passports should be immediately reported both to the Embassy and to the local police. The Embassy will help you to replace your passport using the appropriate application process.

Additionally, all U.S. Citizens are encouraged to register their presence in Cabo Verde using the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, as it will facilitate passport issuance in the event of a lost or stolen passport.

Emergency U.S. passports are issued only in extraordinary circumstances, usually involving medical reasons, a death in the family, or the commission of a serious crime against a U.S. citizen requiring urgent travel back to the United States.  Please be aware that the rules for emergency passport issuance are strict, and a consular officer will determine if your situation meets the standard for an emergency.  The need to travel on short notice (including vacation travel) is generally not considered sufficient in and of itself to permit the issuance of an emergency passport.

Appointment (write to with responses to questions below)

  • Why do you have need of an emergency passport? If you were victim of a crime, please provide police report.
  • When are you planning on traveling? Please provide your itinerary.
  • Which days/times can you come to the embassy? Give us at least two options unless you are traveling the next day. We will try our best to accommodate you.


Complete online and print Form DS-11. If your passport was lost or stolen, complete online and print Form DS-64 (Tip: If you have had an identity document lost or stolen, go to the Dept. Of Justice’s suggestions for suggestions on protecting yourself from identity theft).  If you never had a U.S. Social Security Number, you will be required to fill out and submit a signed declaration where you declare under penalty of perjury that you (or your minor child) have (has) never been issued a Social Security number by the Social Security Administration (Tip: If you do not remember your U.S. Social Security Number, please contact the Federal Benefit Unit before applying for the passport.)

Supporting Documents

Citizenship: Submit a previous U.S. passport (if available) and certified U.S. birth certificate or Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certificate of Naturalization or Certificate of Citizenship.  First-time passport applicants must provide an original proof of citizenship.

Identity: U.S. passport card or non-U.S. passport and/or U.S Driver’s License and other copies or originals of any/all photo IDs you still have.

Proof of citizenship may also serve to meet identity document requirement in some cases, especially for minors.

Photo: One color 2×2-inch photo (5x5cm). Click here for photos requirements.


Pay the fee of 135 USD for children or 165 USD for adults (or the escudo equivalent) at the time of your interview, in cash or by credit card (the credit card holder must be present with a valid Government photo ID).

In addition to the applicant’s presence, U.S. law requires both parents of minors under 16 years of age to be physically present to sign a passport application.  Parents of minors should also bring the child’s certified birth certificate establishing a parental relationship to the passport applicant.

An absent parent can submit a notarized and signed DS-3053 giving permission for the issuance of a passport to the minor child.  Please remember, however, that in most cases at least one of the two parents must be physically present to sign the passport application in front of the consular officer.  An applicant who is 16 years or older must sign his/her own application.  Parents should also bring photographs of their children showing their progression in age from the time of the last passport.