Visiting Cabo Verde

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Entry Requirements

U.S citizens must have a passport to travel to Cabo Verde.  U.S citizens who plan to stay in Cabo Verde for more than 30 days require a Cabo Verdean visa.  Visas may be requested in advance through the Cabo Verdean Embassy in Washington, DC, or the Cabo Verdean Consulate General in Boston, MA. The visa approval process may take several days.  Tourists can also request visitor’s visas at the airport upon arrival.

Visa prices are subject to change, however, and interested parties located in the United States are encouraged to contact Cabo Verdean officials at the following addresses for up-to-date information:

Inquiries from travelers already overseas should be made to the nearest Cabo Verdean Embassy or Consulate.

No immunizations are required to travel to Cabo Verde, unless you are arriving from an area where yellow fever is prevalent.  Preventive medications for malaria are not currently recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, although a limited number of malaria cases are seen annually.

Personal Security

Crime rates in Cabo Verde are relatively low by West African standards.  Petty thievery (especially in market areas) and burglary are the most common problems.  Violent crime is rising, but still uncommon.  Nonetheless, visitors should avoid crowds, political gatherings, and street demonstrations.  In the event of an emergency, visitors can contact the local police by dialing 132.