U.S. Africa Command Special Operations Forces train alongside partners in Cabo Verde

Special Operations Command Africa forces assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) have completed training and conducted the Closing Ceremony with members of the Cabo Verde Armed Forces following the first Joint Combined Exchange Training in Praia, Cabo
Verde which commenced on July 25, 2022.

The joint military engagement strengthened the interoperability and facilitated the sharing of advanced military techniques to bolster the proficiency and professionalism of both partner forces. The JCET program’s primary purpose is to provide partner nation special operations units specific
training to promote security and stability in Africa. JCETs enhance U.S. relationships with partner nations by developing and maintaining critical military-to-military connections and improving joint and allied readiness and interoperability.

While this training event was the first JCET with Cabo Verde Forces, U.S. special operations forces will continue to build upon the relationship established with the goal being a long-term partnership for future collaboration. U.S. engagements with African partner forces provide opportunities for units to work together, learn from each other, build interoperability, and strengthen relationships. “This first-ever Joint Combined Exchange Training between Cabo Verde and the United States is another outstanding example of our shared commitment to deepening bilateral security cooperation. In particular, this exchange will enable our two militaries to partner more effectively on Atlantic Africa security affairs, and it demonstrates our common resolve to work collaboratively to address regional challenges and threats,” said Ambassador Jeff Daigle.

The U.S. and Cabo Verde remain committed to a mutually beneficial partnership to enhance military capabilities to defend against threats and promote further regional security and stability.