Statement by the U.S. on the Transfer of Iranian Gasoline

U.S. Embassy Praia Press Release
August 17, 2020

Statement by the U.S. Embassy in Praia

Contrary to reporting in a local Cabo Verdean media outlet, the recent transfer of Iranian gasoline was not connected to Cabo Verde in any way. The commercial operation took place beyond any state’s territorial sea without the involvement of the United States Military or Coast Guard, and without the physical presence of any U.S. authorities or the assistance of any foreign government. This transfer was related to U.S. judicial proceedings and was carried out in a manner consistent with international law.

After U.S. officials contacted the shipowners, in light of a warrant issued by a U.S. federal judge on July 2, 2020, the gasoline cargo was transferred to other vessels for onward transport to the United States for forfeiture proceedings in U.S. court.