Remarks by Ambassador Jeff Daigle on the Occasion of the Self-Help Certificate Ceremony

Remarks of Ambassador Jeff Daigle on the Occasion of the Delivery of Certificates

Agricultural Production Management for Employment Generation Project

São Lourenço dos Orgãos, Santiago, September 26, 2023


His Excellency Minister of Agriculture and Environment (Gilberto Silva)

Mr. President of the Municipality of São Lourenço dos Orgãos (Carlos Vasconcelos)

Representatives of the Training Center

Project Partners

Dear Beneficiaries, Ladies and Gentlemen

Good afternoon!

Last year we launched the training funded by the project. It is with great pleasure that I participate in today’s event to celebrate the successful conclusion of our partnership.

Through the self-help fund, and in partnership with the Training Center, the Embassy invested around nine thousand dollars to train beneficiaries from various communities in the management of agricultural and livestock production. The project aims to provide training to increase the value of products, promoting access to other markets and to more economic opportunities.

The project’s training plan included planning, economic profitability and food security, providing the twenty-one beneficiaries with important knowledge and techniques. I know that the majority of beneficiaries have already created their small businesses, with the support of Pró-empresa. Congratulations!

I hope that these new companies will not only promote self-employment opportunities, but that they will create more jobs. This is the important contribution of entrepreneurship and of the private sector to economic and social development.

I thank the Center, the Municipality, the Government of Cabo Verde and all partners for your work in implementing this project and for its sustainability

To the direct beneficiaries and their families, and to the entire community of more than seven thousand people, I wish success and that the techniques acquired continue to promote economic opportunities in the beautiful municipality of São Lourenço dos Orgãos.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my best wishes for an excellent agricultural year!

Thank you all!