Remarks by Ambassador Jeff Daigle Cabo Verde National English Teachers Association (NETA) Conference

Remarks by Ambassador Jeff Daigle
Cabo Verde National English Teachers Association (NETA) Conference
Hotel Praia Mar, Praia, Cabo Verde
July 11, 2023


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Good morning and welcome to all, with a special welcome to those of you who traveled here from other islands.

I am delighted to open this three-day gathering of English language coordinators from across Cabo Verde to relaunch the National English Teachers Association.

Promoting the learning and teaching of English is an integral part of the U.S. Embassy in Praia’s efforts to foster mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of Cabo Verde.

Increasing the English language capacity of audiences in Cabo Verde deepens and enriches their engagement with American counterparts and builds lasting bridges between cultures.

English is also a global language, and your students’ ability to communicate will help build friendships and partnerships with closer neighbors in Ghana and The Gambia, as well as those further away in India and Australia.

English language learning is also key to increasing access to the many exchange programs administered by the Embassy’s Public Diplomacy Section, as well as other academic and professional exchange opportunities in the United States.

In addition, English language programs advance our diplomatic mission’s economic and foreign assistance goals by expanding access to the local and global job markets, particularly among youth. To this end, each one of you plays an essential role as our partner.

With your collaboration, the National English Teachers Association will provide a forum for teachers of English to meet periodically and discuss problems and

solutions relating to the teaching of English in Cabo Verde. You will help teachers interact with educational administrators on matters relating to the teaching of English.

I encourage you to undertake innovative projects aimed at the improvement of learners’ proficiency in English, promote professional solidarity among teachers of English at all levels, and promote professional excellence among your members.

I would like to extend our gratitude to the Ministry of Education through the leadership of the National Director of Education Adriano Morena and his team, as well as the University of Cabo Verde – our long-standing partner. Your collaboration and partnership were crucial in bringing together 47 English language coordinators from across the islands for the first time. We look forward to our continued collaboration.

A special thanks to the planning committee members, Zita Vieira and Celita Soares, each an alumna of U.S. government English language programs, and our Emerging Voices Specialist Suely Neves, without whose hard work and devotion this event would not be possible.

And thank you, dear participants, for spending these three days with us and for all the great initiatives to come.