Remarks by Ambassador Jeff Daigle at the American Space Affiliate launch in Sal

Remarks by US Ambassador Jeff Daigle

Inauguration of the American Space

Sal, May 18, 2023



Your Excellency the Mayor of Sal, Dr. Julio Lopes

Your Excellencies the Representatives of the Municipality of Sal

Representatives of the Africa 70 Community Center

Dear Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

Good afternoon!

First of all, I would like to welcome everyone present and greet the Mayor, Mr. Julio Lopes and the representatives of the Africa 70 (seventy) Community Center – our partners – in this inauguration ceremony of the American Space in Sal.

With almost six hundred locations around the world, one hundred and thirty-seven countries, American Spaces like this one are inviting, open access learning and meeting places. What’s more, the centers promote interaction between local communities and the United States in support of U.S. foreign policy toward the host countries of these spaces.

Here in Cape Verde, we already have five American Spaces – one at the University of Cape Verde in Praia, four affiliates, one being on the island of Fogo, two soon to be inaugurated on the islands of São Vicente and Santo Antão, and this one here on the island of Sal. The latter is the result of a partnership between the US Embassy in Cape Verde, the Municipality of Sal, and the Africa 70 Community Center.

Here at this American Space, you will have access to programs that incorporate the Six Pillars determined by the State Department’s Office of Education and Culture. These pillars will guide your operation:

1. information about the United States;

2. Engagement with former scholars;

3. Promotion of Studies in the U.S;

4. English Language Teaching and Learning;

5. Capacity Building and Training;

6. Strategic Cultural Programs

Therefore, we invite you all to spread the word to your community, family and colleagues that the American Space is now open and all are welcome.

I hereby declare the American Space on Salt Island open!

Thank you all for being here.