Health Alert UPDATE:  U.S. Embassy Praia, Cabo Verde (March 27, 2020)

Health Alert UPDATE:  U.S. Embassy Praia, Cabo Verde (March 27, 2020)

Location:  Praia, Cabo Verde

Event:  Message for U.S. Citizens:  UPDATED Instructions for March 28 Special Flight to the U.S.; Third Charter Under Discussion, But Not Confirmed

(This message has been updated to reflect that passengers on Saturday’s special repatriation flight from Cabo Verde to Boston should arrive at Praia’s international airport at 5:00 AM to begin check-in – FOUR hours before the flight’s 9:00 AM departure – due to the expected reduced levels of service at the airport and longer-than-normal check-in process.)

Effective March 19, the Government of Cabo Verde announced the closure of all international travel into and out of Cabo Verde.  We recognize this has been a challenging period for many of our fellow Americans, particularly those of you seeking to depart Cabo Verde.

U.S. Embassy Praia organized a second charter repatriation flight for Saturday, March 28.  Tickets for that flight are now sold out.  While we are in discussions about the possibility of a third charter repatriation flight with the Government of Cabo Verde, the airline, and the travel agency managing these charters, no decisions have yet been made.  If we are able to arrange a third charter repatriation flight, we will share the details as soon as they are available via the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) and the Embassy’s internet site and Facebook page.

If you have purchased a ticket for the Saturday, March 28 flight, please arrive at the airport at least FOUR hours before the scheduled departure time of 9:00 AM.  Only ticketed passengers should go to the airport and will be allowed entry to the facility.  Due to the new restrictions announced by the Government of Cabo Verde that went into effect at midnight on March 27, passengers should expect greatly reduced levels of service at the airport and a long-than-normal check-in process.

The flight is currently scheduled to depart Praia (RAI) at 09:00 and arrive at 16:40 at Boston Logan (BOS).  While there is a scheduled refueling stop at Ponta Delgada (PDL), passengers will not be allowed to disembark at this location.  Please note that exact departure and arrival times and routing are still subject to change.

For passengers who purchased a ticket that allows for checked baggage (147,000 CVE), only these passengers are allowed one (1) piece of check-in luggage of less than 50 pounds (22 kg).  Passengers who purchased a baggage-restricted ticket (120,000 CVE) will only be allowed to board with one (1) personal item (such as a purse or small backpack) and one (1) carry-on bag.  All carry-on bags MUST fit into the overhead compartment and weigh no more than 8 kgs.  Due to strict weight limitations related to fuel load, no further checked baggage can be allowed.  Any bags that do not meet these restrictions will be left behind for operational requirements and safety, and the airline will be unable to forward them on to the United States.

Due to the nature of this flight and the COVID-19 pandemic, no meal service will be provided on board.  This is to ensure the health and safety of both crew members and passengers, and these are the same procedures other airlines are following globally on repatriation flights.

Travelers will be responsible for any arrangements or costs (lodging, onward destination or local transportation, etc.) beyond the initial destination in the United States.

Effective March 19, 2020, U.S. Embassy Praia has suspended routine consular services.  For emergency American Citizens Services, including emergency passports, please visit our website for additional information or contact us at

The Department of State has issued a Global Level 4 Health Advisory for COVID-19.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 2 Global COVID-19 Outbreak Notice.

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