EducationUSA – Advising Prospective Students

The EducationUSA Advising Center provides information for those considering study in the United States of America. The purpose of the Center is to provide unbiased information about higher education opportunities. The advisor can guide the interested person through research on institutions and courses of study, and provide counsel on application procedures and financial assistance options. The advising library contains guides to colleges and universities, guides to courses of study, and entrance exam preparation materials.

Advising Center Staff conduct group informational sessions and individual consultations by appointment only.

Contact us:

Embassy Annex Office
Av. Amílcar Cabral, Prédio BCN – 2º Piso.
Telefone: (+238) 260-68-11
Email: Praia@EducationUSA.Org


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Use of the Advising Center does not guarantee acceptance to an educational institution in the United States. The Center cannot guarantee nor provide financial assistance, recommendations, or visas.