American Spaces

With nearly 600 locations worldwide, American Spaces are strategically powerful public diplomacy tools that support U.S. foreign policy goals by providing technologically modern and welcoming places for direct foreign audience engagement.

American Spaces include American Centers, American Corners, and Binational Centers, all of which operate on different models. The majority are managed through institutional partnerships that provide tremendous value, generally with rent-free space and no-cost staff support.

Programs at American Spaces are free and open to the public, equipping the U.S. government with effective and attractive platforms for person-to-person foreign interaction on topics including media literacy, economic development and American culture, society and values.

The direct audience engagement at the core of American Spaces provides the U.S. government with influential opportunities to counter disinformation, promote policy objectives and exert a strong, positive impact on how the United States is understood and viewed around the world.

American Spaces are also encouraged to work with Embassies and Consulates to ensure that the program themes align well with Integrated Country Strategy goals. American Spaces are required to conduct programs that incorporate the Six Pillars, which define the objectives of the Spaces:

  1. Information about the United States;
  2. Alumni Engagement;
  3. Educational Advising;
  4. English Language Teaching and Learning;
  5. Skills Building and
  6. Strategic Cultural Programs.

Visit us at the Spaces below to learn more about!

American Corner UniCV Praia

University of Cabo Verde, Palmarejo Grande, Praia.
Phone: +238 958 58 12


American Affiliate Space - Mosteiros

Cidade de Igreja, Mosteiros, Fogo
Phone: +238 283 25 41


American Affiliate Space - UniCV Mindelo

Rua Franz Fanon, edifício ex. Liceu Velho, Mindelo, São Vicente.


American Affiliate Space - Sal

Centro Comunitário Africa 70, Espargos, Sal.