COVID-19 Information

March 31, 2020

Please see the latest health alert from Embassy Praia on possible repatriation flights.

Country-Specific Information:

  • Cabo Verde has six confirmed case of COVID-19 within its borders.
  • Effective March 28, 2020 the Government of Cabo Verde has declared a “State of Emergency” that will remain in place through April 17. The state of emergency will allow the government to enforce social-isolation and social-distancing measures more strictly and oblige non-essential businesses to close.
  • As of March 19,  the Government of Cabo Verde has suspended commercial passenger flights in and out of Cabo Verde, including flights to Portugal, Senegal, the United States, and other European countries, with limited exceptions for citizens returning home from Cabo Verde and for medical emergencies.  In addition, passengers on board cruise ships and sailboats will not be allowed to disembark.  The government announced that these restrictions will remain in place for three weeks and may be renewed.
  • Cabo Verde has lab facilities as of March 15, 2020 to test for COVID-19.

Entry and Exit Requirements:

  • As of March 19, non-Cabo Verdean citizens will not be permitted entry for a period of three weeks. This travel restriction will reviewed by the Government of Cabo Verde at the end of this period.

Quarantine Information:

  • There is currently no quarantine in place. However, individuals arriving from China (and possible other locations with person-to-person transmission), may be required to stay at home isolated from others for at least 14 days. The health system is prepared to isolate those displaying symptoms within hospital rooms specifically prepared to quarantine those with suspected cases of COVID-19. Should you be required to self-isolate at home, it is advisable to ensure you maintain at least a two week supply of food, water, and any essential medicines.

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