The Republic of Cabo Verde, a small nation consisting of nine inhabited islands off the coast of West Africa, has strong democratic and economic institutions and a well-established rule of law which make it an opportune place to do business. These institutions helped Cabo Verde to avoid the worst impacts of the international financial crisis. In fact, Cabo Verde has a projected growth rate of 5.1%. It is currently ranked 2nd in Africa for both low corruption and good governance.

Currently, Cabo Verde is the African country with the highest penetration of renewable energy at 20 percent. With Cabo Verde’s strong commitment to clean energy and ambitious growth plans major investments will be needed in power and water infrastructure.

The country’s position as a crossroads between Europe, America, and continental Africa, with direct commercial flights to each is an enormous value added. Its superb climate and beaches have helped to attract major investments in the tourism sector which today represent more than 20 percent of GDP. The number of tourists visiting the islands has been increasing at rates above 20 percent.

Cabo Verde offers a variety of investment opportunities, and it’s continually working to enhance commercial relationships with the United States of America. Embassy Praia staff are available to offer advice, market knowledge, and contacts to assist you in your engagement in Cabo Verde. We look forward to working with you!

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