Ambassador Daigle’s Remarks at Reading Project “PALAVRA PALAVRA”

U.S. Ambassador to Cabo Verde, Jeff Daigle delivered remarks at the reading promotion project “Palavra Palavra”.

December 18, 2020


Representatives of the Ministry of Education and of educational entities here today,

Project implementation partners – public, private, and international, 

Project coordinator,

Teachers, students, interns, parents, and guardians,

Ladies and Gentlemen


Good morning everyone!


It is an honor to join you from the city of Praia. Thank you for the opportunity to congratulate you as we launch the reading project “Palavra Palavra.”


Palavra Palavra aims to provide training for young readers by supporting the production of a reading instruction manual and the acquisition of reading materials.  In partnership with Agrupamento 8 and funded in the amount of seven thousand five hundred dollars, the project will directly benefit 883 people, including students, teachers, and interns from four schools.  By cultivating a love of reading, the project promises to provide young people with greater access to knowledge and better opportunities.  


Palavra Palavra is one of many projects the U.S. Embassy finances with the Ambassador’s self-help fund.  Although each project is different, each of these small interventions shares the goal of promoting inclusive communities that are resilient and productive.


Reading is so important.  That is why the U.S. Embassy has been promoting English reading through videos on our Facebook page.  I believe that reading and mastering languages, particularly English, are essential for promoting a growing, global economy.


In closing, I want to thank you all again for this opportunity.  I also would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and an Excellent New Year, with lots of reading and especially good health!


Thank you!