Ambassador Daigle remarks at ACRIDES Child-Friendly Justice Project Launch.

U.S. Ambassador to Cabo Verde, Jeff Daigle delivered remarks at ACRIDES Child-Friendly Justice Project

November 20, 2020

Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva,
President of the National Assembly Jorge Santos,
Minister of Justice and Labor Janine Lélis,
Minister of Education, Family, and Social Inclusion Maritza Rosabal,
ACRIDES President Lourença Tavares
Invited guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is an honor to join you today to launch the ACRIDES Child-Friendly Justice Project on World Children’s Day.

The U.S. Embassy in Praia is very proud to be supporting this important project. For several years, we have worked with Cabo Verde and ACRIDES to deepen our shared commitment to protecting children. We are proud to continue our partnership with ACRIDES and with its president, Lourença Tavares. Her years of advocacy on behalf of children are truly an inspiration. This $340,000 grant to support the Child-Friendly Justice Project is one of the largest the United States has ever issued in Cabo Verde in the area of human rights.

This project builds on the years of good work Cabo Verde has undertaken to strengthen protections for children. From establishing the National Day Against Sexual Abuse to creating the Observatory for monitoring of trafficking in persons, to mandating tougher sentences for sexual assault, abuse, and exploitation of children and adolescents, Cabo Verde continues to demonstrate its commitment to protecting the most vulnerable.

The ACRIDES Child-Friendly Justice Project promises to build on these developments to strengthen both physical and social infrastructure ensuring the rights of victims are respected and their voices heard.

By upgrading testimony rooms, the project will help ensure that verbal evidence from child victims receives due consideration.

By providing training to teams of professionals, the project will contribute to strong standard operating procedures to question and treat these children with care and understanding.

By initiating campaigns to further raise awareness, the project promises to help generate support for children’s rights.

And by reaching out to families and support networks, the project aims to assist communities working with child victims of sexual crimes.

With today’s inauguration of the ACRIDES Child-Friendly Justice Project, the United States and Cabo Verde open a new chapter in our partnership to protect children. In doing so, we protect the future of our communities, our countries, and our world.

Thank you.